Our range of Ancillary products are specially formulated to help reduce wear and tear and keep ypur vehicle running smoothly. The product range includes: Coolant, Gear Oil, Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid and Greases.

Ancilary Oil Types

1.Cool Guard:

Pre-Mixed Advanced Engine Coolant
with heat tranfer and anti-foaming properties to protect your vahicle.

2.Gear Guard-90/140:

API-GL 3, GL 4, GL 5 specifications
Offers complete gearbox protection, compatible with a wide range of synchronized manual gear boxes. Also available in 85W/140 and 80W/90 specifications.

3.Power Guard:

Dexron II and III specifications
Offers unmatched performance in passenger car automotive tranmission and power steering units.

4.Speed Guard:

Brake Fluid – DOT3/DOT4
High performance brake fluid.

5.Friction Guard:

NLGI 1/2/3 EP Grease
Protects moving parts like hinges, flanges, ball bearings etc from corrosion, squeaks and friction, Available in lithuum and calcium base with NLGII 1/2/3 and extreme pressure (EP) Specification.

Quality Products