Automotive Lubricants Oil

Automotive Lubricants Oil

Oman Oil Marketing Company SAOG, with the brand name omanoil, is Oman’s first and only 100% Omani owned fuel marketing Company. Formed in October 2003, following the acquisition of the majority share of BP Oman by Oman Oil Company(OOC), omanoil is envisaged to be the future in petrol and lubricant retail in Oman.
Omanoil has vast experience in marketing and distribution of lubricants is the Sultanate of Oman for several years and has gained vast knowledge in marketing needs and consumer insights.
Omanoil is constantly developing new products to meet the ever-changing demands of modern industry. On-going research and development, combined wit the most advance technology from around the globe, ensures world class quality products and services that are truly superior!
Operating in an ever increasing competitive business environment, omanoil has now diversified into manufacturing its own brand of lubricants for the expert market.

Automotive Lubricants Oil Types


Diesel Engine Oil


Petrol Engine Oil


Outboard Engine Oil



Quality Products

The lubricants produced at state-of-the-art facilities meet international quality standards and API specifications. with the development of vehicle engines the applications for lubricants have increased by modern by all types of equipment needs.

Omanoil has lubricants for the following product categories:


Automotive Lubricants


Industrial Lubricants


Speciality lubricants



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